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Tatyana Verbitska

Free video lesson ”How to make eclairs?”

Get a free video lesson "How to make eclairs with custard cream" right now!

Pastry chef of KICA Tetyana Verbytska is going to point out all possible mistakes in the new video lesson "Secrets of making eclairs" to help you to achieve perfect results:

- how to fill and decorate eclairs?

- how to make vanilla custard cream with a silky texture?

- what tool and surface is better for making eclairs?

- how to bake eclairs, what temperature regimes are there? 

- why do eclairs explode in the oven and how to prevent it?

- why is it so important to check the number of eggs in a choux pastry recipe?

No more difficulties and excuses!

Pastry Chef of KICA Teyana Verbytska is going to bust all the myths and answer all the questions about making eclairs.

Intensive Pastry Course will help you to figure out 5 important aspects: 

  • Perfect consistency of choux pastry
  • Mixing duration
  • Baking temperature and time
  • Filling eclairs using a special nozzle
  • Working with fondant for eclairs


Get a perfect French recipe proved by our pastry chef and the students of the basic course.

Are you looking for reasons why your eclairs do not look delicious and appetizing?

It's time to move to a new professional level!

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