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Julien Alvarez

Karim Bourgi Videorecord

Duration: 1 day - 8 h 0 m

                2 day - 8 h 0 m

                3 day - 7 h 40 m

Participation Online:  99 EU 35 EUR


  • Animation citron: crunchy Ivory lemon, almond lemon sponge, lemon namelaka, lemon confit, Ivory citrus creamy, lime meringue mousse, lemon nappage, white almond icing
  • Baba exotic: baba dough, punch special baba, Ivory rum vanilla whipping ganache, pineapple marmelade, nappage baba
  • Сoin: hazelnut tender biscuit, caramelized hazelnut, crunchy hazelnut, Dulcey creamy, praline almond hazelnut, Dulcey supreme, caramel mirror glaze
  • Flan Parisien: brisée dough, flan mixture


  • Flora: pistachio sponge, strawberry confit, namelaka Ivory chocolate, sablé pistachio, pink grapefruit glaze, french meringue, pistachio coating
  • La vie en rose: cigarettes russes mix, soft sponge, syrup for soaking, sublime cream, strawberry confit, almond vanilla whipping ganache
  • Legerté vanille: vanilla sablé, vanilla cake, caramelized almond, vanilla creamy, almond vanilla praline, light vanilla mascarpone cream, vanilla mirror glaze, white paint
  • Origine: sacher biscuit chocolat, vanilla creamy, crunchy chocolate, mousse Caraibes, chocolate mirror glaze, almond rochers coating

  • Rocher: hazelnut dacquoise, vanilla creamy, soft caramel, custard cream, meringue glucose, almond milk coating
  • Summer pavlova: crunchy meringue shell, strawberry marmelade, strawberry juice, strawberry Ivory whipping ganache
  • Tarte au chocolat 100%: chocolate shortcrust, chocolate moist biscuit, ganache chocolat, crème mousseuse au chocolat, milk chocolate glaze, nougatine chocolat
  • The brownie: brownie pecan p125, namelaka bahibe, milk chocolate icing, caramel chocolate sauce

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