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Nicholas Boussin

Online course Nicolas Boussin 2019

Duration: 1 day -  7h 04m

                 2 day - 7h 10m

                 3 day - 8h 05m

                 4 day - 5h 54m

Get access: 155 EUR   39 EUR


  • Tatin 2.0: Joconde biscuit, mascarpone cream decoration, tatin style apples, tatin glaze, buckwheat crumble, reconstituted buckwheat crumble, vanilla Sublime, decoration.
  • Christmas spiral: Rolled biscuit, mandarin soaking syrup, mandarin and chesnut filling, chesnut mousse, oat crisp, reconstituted crisp, glaze, decoration.
  • Radiant Galette: Puff pastry, creme patissiere, soaked raisins, frangipane.


  • Salted braid for aperitif: Croissant dough, goat cheese, curry sauce, pesto.
  • Traditional French Canneles
  • Pretty in pink: Etienne biscuit, guava and mango compote, glucose meringue, lemongrass mascarpone mousse, almond streusel, reconstituted shortbread, decorative elderflower cream, guava glaze, chocolat rose, sublime cream.

  • Religieuses upside down: Chocolate crunch, chocolate choux pastry, crème pâtissière, white chocolate ganache, peanut praline, vanilla cream, gourmet coating, decorative cream.
  • Tart “Rivera”: Sable breton with olives, decorative almond dough, biscuit, lemon syrup, lemon cream, lemon mousse, basil gel, glaze.
  • Flamingo: Delicate pistachio biscuit, grapefruit compote, cream cheese mousse, shortcrust pastry, pink velor.

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