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Quentin Bailly

Quentin Bailly Videorecord 2018

Duration: 1 day - 8 h 10 m

                2 day - 7 h 28 m

                3 day - 7 h 31 m

                4 day - 7 h 47 m

                5 day - 4 h 41 m

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  • Peanut and Chocolate: cocoa streusel base, dark chocolate cream, peanut Chantilly, caramelized peanut, basic peanut-almond praline 60%, dark chocolate velour
  • Northern Brick: speculos, chocolate sponge, raspberry confit, light beer mousse, milk chocolate mousse, milk chocolate velour
  • Coffee-Anisе: chicory crunchy with feuilletine and rice souffle, hazelnut dacquoise with coffee, crème-brulée with coffee, coffee glaze
  • Raspberry-Estragon: shortcrust with feuilletine, pim’s sponge cake, raspberry confiture, estragon whipped cream, white chocolate velour, estragon salt
  • Orange Power: orange confit with oranges, pim’s sponge cake, bitter orange Chantilly, bitter orange gelée, crunchy layer with feuilletine and rice soufflée, nappage, macaron shells for decoration
  • Black Forest: cherry sirop for soaking, egg white chocolate mousse, Madame mousse, chocolate sponge, cherry confit, whipped ganache Manjari 64% , dark chocolate glaze, dark chocolate velour, chocolate decoration, fresh cherry, nappage
  • Chouxnatsu: pâte à choux, pâte à choux croustillant with cocoa beans, shortbread with feuilletine, cream conatsu, cream praline conatsu, mousse conatsu, confit conatsu, nappage, golden leaves
  • Pineapple-jasmin oasis: jasmin tea cremeux, pineapple confit, white chocolate velour, Jasmin and Opalys whipped ganache, speculos, shortcrust base with dulcey chocolate and speculos, almond sponge
  • Lemon tartlet: hazelnut shortcrust, lemon meringue souflée, lemon cream, lemon mirliton, white chocolate, neutral glaze
  • Fleur d’oranger and berries petits gateaux: shortcrust with dulcey chocolate, Chantilly cream with fleur d’oranger, berry confit, orange salt, chocolate decoration
  • Hazelnut-Kalamansi: brown sugar sponge cake, praline cream, kalamansi mousse, gianduja glaze, milk chocolate glaze, hazelnuts, golden leaves, milk chocolate
  • Caramel cake: cake batter, salted caramel, Caramelia glaze with sesame and salt, vanilla sirop for soaking
  • Chocolate-Raspberry Roll-cake: chocolate pâte à choux sponge, raspberry confit, whipped ganache Manjari 64%, fresh raspberry, golden leaves, sugar-snow
  • Apple-Cinnamon Saint-Honoré: inverted puff pastry, pâte à choux, pâte à choux croustillant with cocoa beans, cinnamon chiboust cream, apple gelée, granny smith apples, lemon juice, nappage

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